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Up-To-Date CCJ trucking info

Up-To-Date CCJ trucking info

Up-To-Date CCJ trucking info


Up-To-Date CCJ trucking info


Do you have to have a CLP to practice driving a Commercial vehicle?  Yes you do and you must hold it for at least 14 days before you can take your Pre-Trip/Drive Test.

Do you have to have a Medical Certificate to get a CLP?  No, if you fill out the right forms, you do not have to get a medical certificate however, you must have a medical certificate if you are driving for profit.  If you work for a City, State or Federal entity or you have had your CDL since Aug 29 1989, you do not have to have a Med Cert.  Again, to certify, you must fill out the correct forms.  A restriction will be applied depending on what you certify to doing when you operate a CMV.

What do I have to have in order to practice driving?  You must have your regular DL and your CLP.

What is a CLP?  Commercial License Permit

What is a DL?  Driver License

What is a Medical Certificate?   It is a physical conducted by a DOT registered Doctor.

What does DOT mean?  Department of Transportation 



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